Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t currently sell on Amazon. The % fee Amazon takes would cause us to have to raise the prices of any amazon listed PCs. We want to keep the prices as low as possible for our customers so we choose to skip the middleman and sell directly on our site

You certainly can upgrade your PC yourself. PCs are modular after all and you are unlikely to have fully exploited all the available sockets on the Motherboard from day one, and then of course you may wish to swap out some components such as the CPU or RAM. All we ask is that you contact us prior to any upgrades, let us know your plans so we can confirm compatibility for you. We do offer a free upgrade service which is explained in more detail here. This service includes the labour for 5 years from when you bought your system from us. You must buy the new component from us (we will give you the best price we can), and you must pay for shipping to us and back to you. Your PC will be professionally upgraded and fully tested for 24hrs before sending it back to you.

Each and every computer on our website has an estimated delivery date, this is based upon us having the stock / getting the stock, assembling the computer, testing it, and then shipping it to you. Once your computer has passed the testing phase, we contact you to arrange a suitable day for delivery. Currently, the build process for our Express PCs is 1-3 days and for custom PCs is 5-7 days.

We have tried to make our website as straight-forward as possible but even so, you will need some idea of what you are looking for. Luckily you can call straight through to our engineers/system builders, who can work with you to create your perfect machine, guiding you through all the available specifications all with your current and future usage in mind. Call us on 0116 266 8710

PC building is a hobby and passion for many people, if you fancy learning it, then we say go for it, there is nothing more fun than getting all the components specced up and assembling it yourself. Be ready for some troubleshooting and conflicts. Your system will turn on the first time if all has gone well but you will only be able to turn to Google for advice. If you are not 100% on building a PC yourself then a great option is to get a custom PC built for you by PROTECH PCs, our team will help you spec the PC and our engineers will build and test the system. In the future you can upgrade the PC without affecting your warranty and this is where you can get your hands dirty and have a go yourself. Give us a shout before upgrading and we can advise any potential issues.

We stress test all custom PC systems for at least 24 hours, if we find any issues we will tweak the bios, fan tuning and we might even tweak the CPU settings slightly (with your consent) to ensure reliable performance. We are big on airflow, so most of our cases on our website are designed for the best airflow, this keeps system temperatures cool and improves reliability. The stress tests heat the system far beyond what you will do to it, so you can rest assured it will be the best it can be as soon as you turn it on.

We believe in offering our clients only the very best components that we have built, tested and developed with. While other websites offer 1000's or tens of thousands of possible combinations, this is not particularly helpful and we know there are many instances where the spec you select and buy actually isn't 100% compatible. So this is why we offer a smaller range which we believe to be the best.