Services We offer

Services and Modding

Browse our various services on the pricing menu below. Bringing the device(s) to us is ideal, however we may be able to offer remote services, or callouts to your home/work. This may incur additional charges. If this is required, please contact us.

Repairs and Diagnostics

General Repairs and Services 

* £30/hour of labour required. 

* After the initial diagnostic, we will estimate the cost of repair and will not carry out additional work until confirmed with the customer.

* Any parts required to complete the work are charged separately.

* For laptops, we can only perform limited work. We do not offer board repair, so we cannot fix faulty chargers or faulty motherboards.

PC Component Upgrades

* £30 for the first component, then £10 for each additional component.

* Case swaps incur £25 additional charge. 

* We can supply components.

* Trade-ins are permitted! 

* For laptops, we can only perform limited work. This is usually just storage or memory upgrades because most laptop components are soldered.

Assemble a PC from customer-provided components

* £100 standard charge, which includes Assembly, Windows Installation and Testing.

* You bring the parts, we put them together. You need to check they are compatible (you can run it by us if you’re unsure!) 

* There may be an additional fee for more complex builds, depending on the components you wish to use for your build. An example would be a £10 surcharge for using the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic case for example, because it takes significantly longer to build in this case vs a traditional mid-tower. This fee is always disclosed before any work begins.

* Standard boxed AIO liquid coolers carry no additional charge.

* If you are sending parts to us by post/shipping, there will be a £30 additional charge to cover shipping the completed PC back to you – this is because we need to use specialised internal PC packaging to protect the system in transit.

PC General Service

* Just like you get your car serviced, getting your PC serviced keeps it running smoothly and clutter-free. Doing this every 2-3 years is recommended. 

* Complete Wipe and Reset – £60 – Internal dusting and Windows reinstallation (we can back up your important data as needed). 

* Thermal Paste Replacement – £20-40 – Replace the thermal paste on your CPU and video card. Thermal paste helps bind your cooler to your CPU/video card. It can dry up over time, reducing its effectiveness and increasing temperatures. £20 for just the CPU or £40 for both CPU and video card. 

* Combo Deal – £70 for complete wipe and reset and CPU thermal paste replacement. +£10 for video card paste replacement.